Production, Distribution & Licensing


There are multiple ways of becoming part of Hell's Poker $1M Reality TV Series Survivor Challenge "Reality Game Come to Life". There are many forms to including licensing of the product or the shows ancillary markets, distribution, licensing, TV Syndication, Online Media Syndication, direct investing as an Executive Producer part owner, US, UK, Asia Productions, Options to Purchase. 

There are 3 productions at this of Hell's Poker $1M Reality TV Series Survivor Challenge, US Series, UK Series & Asia Series. Distribution, Production, Syndication, Online Media and Licensing and Option to Purchase is separated by each production of Hell’s Poker Hell's Poker $1M Reality TV Series Survivor Challenge. Other production in specific regions or countries may be produced.

US Series Distribution
Distribution of Hell's Poker $1M Reality TV Series Survivor Challenge pays for all distribution, advertising and marketing costs. Also pays an upfront fee to the Executive Producer. The distributor and executive producer share revenues after recoupment of distribution fees and marketing expenses.

US Series Production
The Production investor and production company is responsible for the physical creation of the video content (the Series") for the US production of Hell's Poker $1M Reality TV Series Survivor Challenge in whole or in part. Production may be broken up in different areas of production. 

US Television Syndication
Broadcast syndication leasing the right to broadcasting television series to multiple television stations on individual basis outside of any network broadcast agreement that the series may be appearing on. 
US Online Media Syndication.

US Online Media Syndication & Distribution
Online and social media syndication and distribution of the series on all social media platforms to include platforms such as YouTube, to monetize clips and full airings of the series. This includes online marketing, and promotions. All episodes and those appearing on the TV series must work through online media for any posting, marketing or promotions.

As with all the investment areas for the US Production, the UK and Asia Productions mirror the types of investing as is found with the US Production. This includes Foreign Co-productions UL and Asia. 

Option to Co-produce, Distribute or Own in Specific Country
This gives the investor the same rights and profits as found within the US Co-production and Distribution segments of investing in the TV Series. 

Foreign Rights to Specific Country(s) License
Purchase the License Rights to a specific country(s) where the investor license holders share in the revenue after cost. The license is a passive investment.

Option to Purchase
Hell's Poker LLC will entertain any offer to purchase or license the complete production and development of Hell's Poker $1M Reality TV Series Survivor Challenge to include all rights and trademarks for the series. 

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