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Hell's Poker Reality TV Series

Hell’s Poker Reality TV Series has minted its own Cryptocurrency, and ERC20 Token minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Hell’s Poker Token symbol (HLPK) can be found via etherscan here Click Link 

The HLPK tokens are going to be used for many purposes to include payments, investor tracking and more. By doing so the production financials of Hell’s Poker will be transparent for all investors. This is the first time a token has been used in this manner for the financing of a Television and other media series.

Hell’s Poker Tokens are each valued at $1 USD. They are bought and sold through Hell’s Poker. A second round of tokens will be issued for trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

All investors in Hell's Poker Reality TV Series receive 1 HLPK token for each dollar invested, where they share in the profits of the production. 

All Hell’s Poker Tokens are backed by cash, bitcoin and assets. All transaction can be traced from the time of receipt to the time of payout.


Hell’s Poker is also using Bitcoin to fund and finance the production to include taking in payments, from advertising, sales of the online store, Hell’s Poker Club payments, and more.

Due to Hell’s Poker being a series about poker (gambling) standard credit card processor do not allow taking payments by credit or debit card. The use of payment by bitcoin allows for taking in payments, transferring of funds, both in and out and payment of funds simple and without issue.

Payment by Bitcoin 

Paying by Bitcoin  is simple, fast and gets you 10% for using pay by bitcoin.  There are a couple of fast and easy ways to pay by bitcoin. 

If you are new to bitcoin  and have the CashAPP, you can buy and sell bitcoin instantly, using your credit or debit card or your bank account.  Then simply purchase bitcoin and send it to Hell's Poker Bitcoin Wallet. (See the Android Play Store or Apple App) 

If you already have bitcoin in a bitcoin wallet or in an exchange such as coinbase it is simple to send bitcoin to the Hell's Poker Bitcoin wallet. 

When ordering and paying by bitcoin select that payment method and when you submit your order we will send you the pay to Hell's Poker wallet address, it's that simple and saves you 10%. 

For Questions or to purchase Hell’s Poker Tokens you may use our contact form or email us here at Hells Poker Tokens

Hell's Poker Reality TV Series


Hell’s Poker LLC, Hell’s Poker & Hell’s Poker Reality TV Series (“Hell’s Poker”) is not gaming, wagering or gambling site, service or provider. Hell’s Poker  is a survivor series where contestants must complete challenges and tasks to be the single remaining contestant who is awarded $1,000,000 in cash and prizes. Contestants may win money for completing specific tasks or challenges during the production of the series.

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