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Current Cryptocurrency Loan 3X Crypto deposit



Complete the below application for a crypto loan. 


Accept Loan Terms and make Crypto Security Deposit

After you apply you will receive an email with your loan terms and acceptance. The email will include a secure link to make your crypto security deposit. Once received your loan will be processed and funded. * If you do not have the cryptocurrency for collateral you may purchase cryptocurrency through HP Productions at exchange rates. There is no charge for this service.


Receive Your Loan Funds

Depending on the loan amount and method selected for receiving your loan funds, you will receive your loan funds within 1 to 7 business days (based on US business days and holidays). Funding is done 7 days a week. 

Cryptocurrency Loans

Hell's Poker LLC provides cryptocurrency loans against your crypto holdings. 

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Current Loan Security Rate is 3X Crypto Security Deposit

You are applying for a cryptocurrency loan. By submitting your loan requests you agree to all the terms as so stated within. Loan Terms: Loans are collateralized and secured by a cryptocurrency deposit. Current loan amounts are 3 times the collateral deposit amount. Minimum Loan amount $75K USD, Maximum Loan amount $10M USD. Loan Term 90 days, with roll over for up to 12 months by paying the loan fee of 5% ( 4% loan fee, 1% insurance). Loan proceeds may be used for any legal purpose. Failure to payoff loan within the loan term will result in default, HP Productions will be sole beneficiary of any and all insurance for loan or collateral. 

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